Rental of the Peace Hall

The Peace Hall may be rented for private events.
The minimum rental fee is $40.

Please read below about particulars to see if this space is the right one for your gathering.

If your event is public and related to peace or justice, inquire about whether we can mutually sponsor the event. We would be glad to get the word out through our channels.

If you are an organization (particularly in the peace, justice, and community building space), consider becoming a member and partner of Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice and getting once-a-month free use of the Hall. LEARN MORE.

*Use of the Peace Hall is appropriate for events 4 hours or less. We have our own programming (7 days a week) and office hours (5 days a week), so it depends on availability. If you have full day or multiple day needs, the Peace Hall is probably not appropriate.

*Keep in mind that during the weekday, complete privacy is not possible. The Hall is a separate room and we can re-direct people, but there are a lot of people in and out all day at the front reception area of the building and even traversing the hall to other parts of the building.

*The Peace Hall holds no more than 125 people.

*There is a service (no cooking) kitchen that windows on to the hall. You may use the window and service counter; the fridges; the microwave; the coffee maker; plates and silverware (wash!). There is other equipment and food that should not be used.

*We have 28 plush chairs; 9 metal folding chairs; 10+ miscellaneous chairs. You may bring your own chairs as well.

[more info soon]

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