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Peace and Justice Organizations Linking Arms (PAJOLA).

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One of ACPJ’s most crucial models is to support those already doing community impact work and to amplify their efforts.

ACPJ intends to function as the umbrella hub of all Albuquerque, New Mexico, and national organizations (working in New Mexico) that are advocating in the peace and justice space.

Organizations may choose to pay an annual membership that is currently $60.00. This admits them into official PAJOLA partnership (Peace and Justice Organizations Linking Arms). Become a paid organizational partner if you would like to support ACPJ in maintaining and expanding its supporting and amplifying capacity. You will also be able to place your logo and link on our Partner Page. Another benefit is the ability to use our Peace Hall once a month for a meeting or gathering of your choice, without charge.

PAJOLA is a long-standing tradition at ACPJ.
Read more about its history; please scroll below.

The History of PAJOLA
by France Daniels-Thomson

I started volunteering at the Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice in 1998. At the time we were renting offices across the street from what would become the Center’s current location.

ALL of the Center’s work was done by volunteers. And, in order to keep our expenses paid, we needed assistance.

Due to my previous work experience, I offered to do fundraising. I identified an organization that offered small grants to non-profits but they had very specific guidelines. They wanted the groups they funded to increase their diversity. I therefore envisioned a way we could fulfill that diversity and came up with Peace and Justice Organizations Linking Arms, PAJOLA.

The Coordinating Council (the board) did not like the name at first as they said it sounded like food on a menu but I wanted something catchy and easy to remember.

We received that first grant. It was only $1400 but it enabled us to pay a small salary to our volunteer coordinator and also to have something for mailing and telephone expenses. And within a short time our coordinator had signed up ten (10) community organizations as PAJOLA members. PAJOLA has grown from there.

ACPJ provides peace-and-justice-based leadership, education, networking, resources, and compassionate service to the people of Albuquerque and New Mexico. We work alongside individuals and organizations of goodwill in order to unfold our lives and communities from the wellsprings of love, dignity, wellness, sustainable prosperity, and other high values of life.

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