Fiscal Sponsorship

Requirements for Fiscal Sponsorship

Our 501 c3 status permits the Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice to sponsor tax-deductible projects that are compatible with our educational and nonviolent mission. To apply for sponsorship you must first write us a letter describing your project. If it is compatible with our mission you will be invited to meet with our Fiscal Sponsorship Committee. If ACP&J agrees to sponsor your project, we will need a formal description of the project signed by your presiding officer. We are not able to perform this role often or for many groups; the expense and complications of accounting are just too great.

Our fiscal sponsorship allows projects to receive tax-exempt grants or donations of $100 or more. Projects will not be given the use of the ACP&J tax ID number. They are expected to have their own bank accounts and be responsible for state and federal taxes on taxable income and purchases. We request 5% of all monies received through us, to cover accounting costs and other support expenses. We ask groups that seek our sponsorship not to have other fiscal sponsors.

All project groups are expected to stand in solidarity with other projects and with PAJOLA groups. Because our core values are peace and justice we do not sponsor projects that work in opposition to each other. We encourage mediation to work out differences that may arise in your work.

Groups receiving sponsorship must operate in a fiscally responsible manner. They must send us an end-of-year report, due in February, that accounts for grants and other monies received through us in the previous year. We use this report to file our return with the IRS. All projects are responsible for deducting and remitting payroll taxes and sending recipients their W2s. If independent contractors are employed the project is responsible for sending and filing the requisite year-end 1099s. Any failure to comply with the above will subject ACP&J to potential liability, and require discontinuance of the sponsorship.

All project expenditures should be posted to the following account categories:

1) Fundraising
2) Legal Expenses
3) Independent Contactors
4) Payroll
5) Meetings
6) Telephone
7) Printing
8) Supplies
9) Accounting
10) Fiscal Sponsorship
11) Contributions
12) Rental
13) Utilities


ACP&J Fiscally Sponsored Projects - 2009

    Ampersand Sustainable Learning Center
    Casa de Amigos
    El Salvador Scholarship Program

    GI Rights Hotline
    Kenya Schools Project
    Las Vegas, NM Peace and Justice Project

    Sandia Project
    Somos los otros -- and they are us!
    Stop the War Machine

    Ur Music

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