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October Newsletter

Oct 2015Monday, Oct. 12

The Peace Center will be closed in honor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Regularly scheduled events at the Peace Center will still take place.


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September Newsletter

Sept 2015International Day of Peace at the P&J

Monday, September 21, 4pm – 8pm

Join us to celebrate a day of peace activities honoring the UN International Day of Peace 2015 and in coordination with the Campaign Nonviolence Week of Actions (Sept. 20-27).

4pm-5:45pm: Nonviolence and the Struggle for Justice - This interactive forum will explore the principles and practices of nonviolence in the context of contemporary struggles for justice and an end to oppression. A panel of committed social justice activists and nonviolence practitioners will explore, with the participants, their own commitments, beliefs and perspectives. Panel: Albino Garcia (La Plazita Institute), Dr. Jamal Martin (UNM Peace Studies Program), and additional Social Justice practitioners.

5:45-6:30pm: Food - frito pie treats prepared by the P&J's own Peace Café. 

6:30-7:30pm: Poetry – New Mexico poets, headed by Mary Oishi, will read their Peace Poems in partnership with the Austin-based “Poems for Peace” project, joining poets nationwide that day in the goal to read a million poems for peace. Mike Swick will video this reading, to become part of a Poems For Peace collaborative work that will be available online later. 

7:30- 8pm: Candlelight vigil - flute by Cliff Wilkie. Sponsored by the Creating Peace Project of the Peace & Justice Center, the United Nations Association USA Albuquerque Chapter and UNM Peace and Justice Studies Program 

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August Newsletter

2015 Aug final

Veterans for Peace Albuquerque Invites you to Commemorate the Kellogg-Briand Peace Pact with Ray McGovern & Rey Garduño

Some men see things as they are and say why...I dream of things as they never were and say why not. -George Bernard Shaw Just because “There have always been wars,” we need not resign ourselves to living with the endless wars that contribute so greatly to a culture of violence, that desensitize us to killing, and keep the world in chaos and poverty.

In 1928, two statesmen, U.S. Secretary of State Frank Kellogg and French Foreign Minister Aristide Briand developed the Kellogg–Briand Pact or Pact of Paris to outlaw war as a policy and require that international disputes be resolved by “pacific” (nonviolent) means. The people’s longing for peace was so intense that 14 countries signed on immediately, and eventually 62 countries signed.

We can’t let the fact that the treaty has been ignored so far deter us. This is a dream that we must not allow to die! We must do everything in our power to coalesce the growing yearning for peace.

In order to bring this important historical document to public awareness, our Donald & Sally-Alice Thompson Chapter of Veterans for Peace is sponsoring a press conference on the anniversary of the original signing, Thursday, August 27, 1pm at the ABQ Mennonite Church, 1300 Girard Blvd. NE.

The main speaker will be retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern. There will be other speakers, and City Council President Rey Garduño will moderate. Refreshments will be served, and donations to defer expenses will be accepted.

Endorsed by Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice, ABQ Unitarian Fellowship, South West Organizing Project, ANSWER, Rev. John Dear, David Swanson, and others.

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And don't forget the P&J Annual Yard Sale
Saturday, Sept. 26, 9am to 3pm

Please drop off your gently used donations in clean, working condition to the Peace Hall anytime from Wednesday, Sept. 23 to Friday, Sept. 25 between 9am and 5pm. Then support the Peace Center by shopping on the day of the sale and find a few bargains and treasures! Questions, call Sue at 268-9557.

July Newsletter

2015 July rev1

Pastors for Peace presents to Cuba 26th Friendship Caravan

The Caravan to Cuba will be stopping at the Peace Center! 

  • Meet New Mexico‟s graduates from the Latin American School of Medicine in Havana
  • Caravanistas will lead discussion about Cuba and this travel challenge seeking an end to the Blockade of Cuba & U.S. citizen‟s right to travel freely
  • Refreshments will be served


Wednesday, July 8, 5:30-8:30pm


Despite steps taken by President Obama to normalize diplomatic relations and to allow Cuban-Americans to more freely visit their families, to allow colleges, churches and others to more easily get licenses to go to Cuba, the travel ban remains for most U.S. citizens and the economic blockade remains. In July, the Caravan will visit cities across the U.S. to gather humanitarian aid, discuss Cuba and challenge the U.S. government to revoke the blockade and establish a foreign policy based on mutual respect. Please make plans to attend this informative discussion/potluck about Cuba-U.S. policy. Pastors for Peace will gladly accept monetary donations and over-the-counter medicine that they will hand-carry for the people of Cuba as a humanitarian gesture. For more info: 268-5073 or (575)737-1025.


The Caravan is really in need of monetary donations! Make checks out to IFCO(Interreligious Foundation for Community Organizing).


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June Newsletter

2015 June

Come to Los Alamos

Sunday August 9 th for the 70th Anniversary of Nagasaki Peace Vigil

by Rev. John Dear, Campaign Nonviolence

For the first time ever, friends at the ABQ Peace and Justice Center are partnering with friends in Santa Fe to organize a bus or a caravan to the annual peace vigil at Los Alamos. This is very exciting, and I invite everyone to drop everything and join us that day! This year, the peace vigil concludes a powerful two-day conference, "The Campaign Nonviolence National Conference," at the Hilton Hotel (see: Hundreds of us will gather on Sunday morning Aug. 9 th , 11am at Ashley Pond in Los Alamos, in the park where the actual atomic bombs were built in 1945. We will walk up Trinity Drive in a peace procession and at 11:30, we will all pour ashes on the ground, put on sackcloth and sit in silence for thirty minutes, using the oldest form of political protest and symbolic action in history to call for nuclear disarmament. Afterwards, as we gather back at the stage at Ashley Pond, we will hear from some of the great movement leaders, including Medea Benjamin, Kathy Kelly and most notably, Rev. James Lawson. Jim Lawson is one of the key leaders of the Civil Rights movement. Dr. King called him the greatest teacher of nonviolence in the world. Jim will speak at length about his life's work for civil rights and nonviolence, and the connection of nuclear weapons and all other forms of violence, on this 70th anniversary of Nagasaki and the first anniversary of Ferguson. Come hear and meet Rev. Lawson! We have already organized three buses that will be leaving from Santa Fe early that morning. I urge all the friends of the ABQ Peace and Justice Center to call in and reserve a spot on your bus, to ride up together, and to make this day of peace a memorable community building event. Your participation with the Center will help it fulfill its mission to be a voice for peace and disarmament right here in New Mexico. It will also send a signal to Los Alamos that New Mexicans are sick and tired of building nuclear weapons and want their abolition. Most of the conference will be broadcast live online. For further information, check out

See you August 9th, and thanks for all you do for justice, disarmament and peace. God bless you all. Bring lunch, water and a peace sign. 

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The Amazing May Newsletter!

2015 MayView now!

P&J to Get More Solar Panels on the Roof!

Solarize NM Class to learn how to install PV panels and
reduce the Peace Center’s carbon footprint and electric bills!

SOLARIZE NM Presents a Hands-On Photovoltaic Design and Installation Workshop • Class is (5) 8-hour days, May 8-10, 16-17 

• Now Co-ed (open to both men and women)
• Price for 40-hour class lowered from $1K to $800
• Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or register online at

In the workshop, you will learn how to size a PV system, learn ways to reduce energy consumption, and have a more efficient home or business. The class will cover planning the best location for a PV array for maximum energy production. It will also include details on how to configure stand-alone (off-grid) and grid-tie (utility-connected) systems. 

Learn about quality installations. In hands-on labs, students will learn about wiring sockets and switches. Learn safety throughout. No prior knowledge is needed. The class will then install a system over the second weekend at the Peace Center.

Marlene Brown along with Taiyoko Sadewic will instruct the class. Marlene has worked with Photo-voltaic systems for over 25 years and has installed hundreds of systems in the U.S. and the developing world. She has taught PV classes for over 20 years with her own home being one of the projects. Taiyoko is co-owner of Positive Energy Solar and has also installed hundreds of PV systems.

Choose the two weekend 5-day course, or attend just the first weekend, which does not include the installation portion. The course is now $800 per person for both weekends or $500 for only the first weekend.

Non-profits interested in having a PV system installed as a class project in the future, please call 452-7202.

Eric Sirotkin presents: “Truth and Reconciliation in Korea: The Elusive Peace and Moving from Reaction to Relationship”

2015 AprilClick here, or the image,  to view our April NewsLetter!

New Mexico lawyer, educator and mediator Eric Sirotkin has visited North Korea (DPRK) four times and travelled to South Korea and Washington multiple times to call for peace. He spoke at an international peace conference in Pyongyang, presenting his 12 Steps to Peace to the DPRK. While attending state functions he was able to speak with high officials about the possibilities of peace. He then took his “Roadmap to Peace” on the road, including to the State Dept. and Congress.

Learn what has driven this conflict for over 60 years, led to nuclear tests and now holds the key to halt the march toward increased militarization in Asia.

“Eric’s multimedia presentation shows you a side of the DPRK that gets lost in the shuffle, presenting a new approach to peace negotiations that can change the U.S. relationship to the world.”

Thursday, April 9, at 6pm at the ABQ Center for Peace and Justice, sponsored by Ubuntuworks Peace Education Project and ACP&J.

For more info, visit 
or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

March Newsletter

2015 March revisedView and Download here

A correction has been made to reflect the proper times in the Annual Membership Meeting schedule. If you have downloaded the previous version of the newsletter, please download and reference the revised version instead.

We are sorry for any inconvenience and wish you an amazing day. 

February Newsletter

2015 Feb

P&J Gets Matching Grant!
Help Us Meet Our Goal!

A generous donor who wishes to remain anonymous is giving the Peace Center a $2,000 Matching Grant. To raise the matching amount, our goal is to recruit 50 new memberships at $40 per person. We are half way to our goal already! Has your membership expired? Please renew today! Do you have a friend, family member or colleague who believes in the Peace Center mission and vision but is not a member? Please invite them to join. With your help, the P&J continues to provide space, services and support for these and many other accomplishments:

  • Creation of a community action network (Action NM) fostering collaboration of single-issue groups to advocate for peace and justice issues in the legislature
  • Hiring additional coordinator Bob Allen and raising staff salaries
  • Peace Café & Food Distribution fosters conversations, builds community and alleviates hunger
  • Website calendar, newsletter and Grassroots NM on KUNM publicize social justice events
  • Peace Hall continues to be an affordable space for events and meeting
  • Mentoring of high school and college interns

Here is what two members said recently about the P&J: “It‟s a great place to connect with positive community building peace and social justice movements.” And, “the Peace Center is such an important center in our community. Thanks to all the good people who made it possible and continue to make it possible, thanks all you wonderful spirits—to another 30 years of peace and justice work in Albuquerque—andiamo!”

You can join online at, mail your membership form (see page 7), or come into the office at 202 Harvard SE, 87106. And meet our new Administrative Coordinator Bob Allen! Huge shout-out to the hardworking Membership Committee—Bob A., Cecilia C., Renee W., Sharyn K., and Troy F.

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January Newsletter

Download Now!2015.January

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Multicultural Council presents “Focus on Human Values” 25 th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Multicultural Celebration The celebration of Dr. King’s life and accomplishments provides opportunities for all person to reaffirm the ideas of freedom and justice. An important part of this celebration is honoring New Mexico individuals and organizations who have advanced the values put forth by Dr. King through volunteer work or other activities of great benefit to others:

Ms. Laura Elliott Threet has been active in Albuquerque and New Mexico civic affairs for many years and is well-known for her leadership in the volunteer community with education as a focus. Ms. Threet was instrumental in providing the initial funding for the MLKMC scholarships 25(twenty-five) years ago.

Reverend Judith Maynard is pastor of the Metropolitan Community Church which has been at the forefront of civil and human rights movements by addressing issues such as racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism and other forms of oppression. She brings her religious commitment and powerful voice to unite people.

As founder & CEO of Act Now to Stop War & End Racism (ANSWER) Coalition of New Mexico, Mr. Preston Wood continues today in his commitment to bringing about social change. He is known as a principled and effective organizer for peace & social justice in our community.

The Honoring Celebration takes place:
Monday, Jan. 19 th from 1-3pm
Congregation Albert, 3800 Louisiana Blvd NE

Free admission. Ethnic dress is encouraged.

The MLK Coalition and ANSWER NM are both PAJOLA groups.
For more info, call Jewel Hall at 994-2335.

The Peace Center is proud to be part of the MLK Coalition working against police violence.

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