October Newsletter

Oct 2016

Last year, the City of Albuquerque declared the 2nd Monday in October Indigenous Peoples Day, a day formerly celebrated as Columbus Day. This victory comes at a critical time when we are seeing some of the most powerful displays of Native resistance in generations. 

From the historical protest of the Dakota Access pipeline and the final efforts to demand clemency for political prisoner and AIM activist Leonard Peltier, the movement for Native liberation is growing! 

This year’s march and rally will focus on Leonard Peltier and the call for his clemency. It is likely that only President Obama will grant him clemency, so these final months that he is in office are critical for Peltier, as it is likely that he may not survive another four to eight-year presidential term in prison.

In addition to this, the historic fight against exploitive extractivist industry taking place at Standing Rock right now is serving to challenge corporations that have long sought to extract life from Indigenous lands, as it also is bringing about the unification of tribal Nations from all around the world! #NODAPL will also be a focus of this year’s Indigenous people’s day.

The meet up location for the march route will be 5:30pm at Central and First, in front of the Alvarado transportation center. The march route will extend throughout Downtown ABQ and conclude at Civic Plaza, where the rally will take place. Speakers include local community leaders and youth!

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