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2015 June

Come to Los Alamos

Sunday August 9 th for the 70th Anniversary of Nagasaki Peace Vigil

by Rev. John Dear, Campaign Nonviolence

For the first time ever, friends at the ABQ Peace and Justice Center are partnering with friends in Santa Fe to organize a bus or a caravan to the annual peace vigil at Los Alamos. This is very exciting, and I invite everyone to drop everything and join us that day! This year, the peace vigil concludes a powerful two-day conference, "The Campaign Nonviolence National Conference," at the Hilton Hotel (see: www.campaignnonviolence.org). Hundreds of us will gather on Sunday morning Aug. 9 th , 11am at Ashley Pond in Los Alamos, in the park where the actual atomic bombs were built in 1945. We will walk up Trinity Drive in a peace procession and at 11:30, we will all pour ashes on the ground, put on sackcloth and sit in silence for thirty minutes, using the oldest form of political protest and symbolic action in history to call for nuclear disarmament. Afterwards, as we gather back at the stage at Ashley Pond, we will hear from some of the great movement leaders, including Medea Benjamin, Kathy Kelly and most notably, Rev. James Lawson. Jim Lawson is one of the key leaders of the Civil Rights movement. Dr. King called him the greatest teacher of nonviolence in the world. Jim will speak at length about his life's work for civil rights and nonviolence, and the connection of nuclear weapons and all other forms of violence, on this 70th anniversary of Nagasaki and the first anniversary of Ferguson. Come hear and meet Rev. Lawson! We have already organized three buses that will be leaving from Santa Fe early that morning. I urge all the friends of the ABQ Peace and Justice Center to call in and reserve a spot on your bus, to ride up together, and to make this day of peace a memorable community building event. Your participation with the Center will help it fulfill its mission to be a voice for peace and disarmament right here in New Mexico. It will also send a signal to Los Alamos that New Mexicans are sick and tired of building nuclear weapons and want their abolition. Most of the conference will be broadcast live online. For further information, check out www.campaignnonviolence.org.

See you August 9th, and thanks for all you do for justice, disarmament and peace. God bless you all. Bring lunch, water and a peace sign. 

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