Peace Center Seeks Treasurer

The Peace Center has been fortunate to have dedicated volunteers serving as treasurer ever since 1983. Judith Kidd shouldered this responsibility for over 30 years; John Ellig served for three years, and most recently, Janice Devereaux took on this role and is still paying the bills.

At this time, Janice finds herself swamped with work and school, and John has been assisting for more than a year but must step back to take on other responsibilities. Meanwhile, Patti Gladstone, after 30 years serving as our volunteer bookkeeper, stepped down a year ago. We have hired a new bookkeeper, Valerie Barrego, who has generously provided us with a discounted rate, and John has helped with the transition. Now we are seeking a new treasurer or at least someone to assist our current treasurer until another treasurer is found.

The treasurer is a member of the Coordinating Council, and is an unpaid volunteer. They pay the bills, prepare monthly reports to the CC, handle fiscal sponsorship transactions, make deposits twice a month, and liaise with the bookkeeper. They also serve on the finance committee and help prepare annual budgets. The estimate of hours per month is around 15-20 hours. We are seeking someone with a commitment to social justice who has experience handling money and financial matters to volunteer in this vitally important service to the Peace Center. If interested, please contact Outreach Coordinator Sue Schuurman at 268-9557 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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