Burque PRIDE is Not For Sale!

ORLprideBy Father Frank Quintana

Blessed Oscar Romero Catholic Community is boycotting the ABQ Pride Parade for 2017. Pride has pandered too much to corporate interests. Corporations have co-opted our movement and have transformed it into a pursuit of consumerism over a pursuit of justice, a pursuit of revelry rather than a pursuit of community. While there is a time and place for partying, now is the time to get back to our roots and build our community to defend against these attacks on our civil liberties. The present administration is militant in its efforts to roll back any gains LGBTQIAA people have made in procuring their human rights! People of color, Immigrants, Trans-Folk and religious minorities in our community are once again under attack because of the boldness this administration has given to bigots. This administration has wielded attacks on water, the environment, and in this state poor families are facing the probability of a tax on food. We need to support one another. We find ourselves in the real possibility of ever expanding war because of ―45.‖ Rather than a parade, we should be marching in protest. Rather than partying, we should be galvanizing for the fight that lies ahead, in the spirit of Stonewall. Blessed Oscar is staging a March on Saturday, June 10. It will begin at 9:30am at the UNM Bookstore with a few speeches, then at 10am, marching up Central on the sidewalks, not blocking any traffic, to the site of the old Pulse bar on Central Ave. SE & Montclaire. There will be a memorial at a Descanso there at 11am. We will honor people of color, and all those who lost their lives in Orlando’s PULSE Nightclub shooting. We will conclude with a few words, and then march over to the 7th Annual Family Pride Celebration at Morningside Park, organized by Young Women United. Please watch for details on the ―Burque PRIDE is NOT 4 Sale‖ Facebook event, and at facebook.com/ pridesnotforsale or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Let us march for Justice for one and for all.

Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice
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