24th Annual Muertos y Marigolds Día de los Muertos Parade

DDM24 600Sunday, Nov. 6, 2-6pm

The 24 th Annual Muertos y Marigolds Día de los Muertos Parade, followed by Celebration at the WestSide Community Center, 1250 Isleta Blvd. SW in the South Valley. The Peace Center will be tabling, call 268-9557 to help.

Theme Meaning

So near yet another pivotal election season, feelings of entrapment in a corrupt Bi-partisan system continue to plague us. Nuevomexicanos must resist and engage in any capacity they can to restore their communities to their flourishing states. Whether that be voting, petitioning, protesting, creating, reflecting or protecting, we ask our gente to take a stand against injustices in their community. We reclaim our demon, the chupacabra as an ally in ridding this land of malicious, power-hungry, exploitative entities.  

Reclaiming our querencia is reclaiming the mountains that replenish the rivers, the arroyos that nourish the chile, beans, corn, squash, pecans and pinon. It calls up the herencia of that which is dear to us; food, tradition, tamales steaming: calls up that which is self, home, land and sky; calls up a pre-contact-pre-colonial, pre-industrial past of the mesoamericas; calls up the land of the ephemeral waterways, dry farming, sheep husbandry and the acequias. 

La reclamacion is to protect the home that is the dear nuevomexicano heritage: the language, the land, the water and the culture. We implore everyone to act, and unite in defying systemic, institutional and internal oppression.

For more info: muertosymarigolds.org

Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice
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