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Trinity House is a home that Catholic Workers share with homeless folks. Our intentional community is grounded in the humanity and teachings of Jesus Christ, especially as manifest in Jesus' mission statement of liberation [Luke 4:16-19]; his new world view, love of enemies, Sermon on the Mount [Matthew: 5-7] and Sermon on the Plain [Luke 6: 17-49]; and the joy and unity of a community of compassion [Matthew 25: 31-46]. Here's our Mission Statement: We are a House of Hospitality based in the tradition of the Catholic Worker Movement. We seek to imitate Jesus Christ by living a particular lifestyle with three priorities: First, to co-create with God a community that is built on faith, love, hope, prayer, compassion, gratitude, joy peace and justice; Second, to express the Love of God by helping to alleviate the pains of those in need, primarily those of the Poor and Homeless in New Mexico; Third, to peacefully challenge and change those social structures which create division, alienation, isolation, dominance, exploitation, and involuntary poverty.



 Trinity House Catholic Worker                  1925 Five Points Rd SW                  Albuquerque NM 87105

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