Dialogue/Creating Peace

Many dedicated individuals have worked throughout history to deal with conflict among us, yet it quickly surfaces when others invade our comfort level in some way. They may be of a different race, culture, or personality, or have conflicting opinions about what is important. These differences cause us to lose sight of what we have in common, and as the sense of "other" grows we cannot solve problems that affect our work settings, our communities and our relations with other nations. How can we reach across our differences to resolve the huge issues facing us today in our attempt to create a just and sustainable future for ourselves and our children?

 As part of our Center's work for peace and justice we create projects that present techniques to help us move through conflict and achieve common goals. We focus on Nonviolent Communication (NVC) training and Dialogue, as well as forums and workshops. On September 21 we celebrate the anniversary of the UN Declaration of Peace, and we join Campaign Nonviolence for a week of activities to help others learn peaceful ways of addressing social concerns.

We meet monthly and invite you to join us in this important work. Your grandchildren's children will thank you.

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